Model name: aqua x thunder
Storage : 15 Liters
Color: Blue,
Brand: smaart aqua x thunder unit
offer: 2500 worth imported uf washable free
Operating voiltage: 24v
Purification features:95% to 98% TDS removes work up to 4000 tds
Stages: six stages of water purifier, carbon filter 1100… iodine value
Filtration capacity: 12 to 15 ltr / 1hr
Warranty summary: one year all spares covered

  • Purification Stages – 7 Stages
  • Sediment filter
  • Inline Sediment Filter
  • Activated carbon Filter
  • RO Membrane
  • Storage Capacity – 15 Liters
  • TDS Reduction – 90 % – 95%
  • Installation – Table Top and Wall Mount
  • Working – Fully Automatic
  • Operating Voltage – 24 VDC
  • Silver Nano Technology: The technology is based on sustained release of about 50 parts per billion (ppb)
    of silver ions in a large volume of water to kill microorganisms. The production of the nanoparticle matrix is
    also environment-friendly.
  • Mineral Filter: Mineral Filter which adds on minerals in 100% RO Purifier Water and
    makes water Healthier and Tastier
  • Alkaline Filter : Enhances pH Level


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